Job Openings

Part-Time Director of Music Ministry


Applicants must have a Bachelor of Arts in music or a closely related field. Experience as a church musician is required. Applicants must have a knowledge of scripture and liturgy to assist the pastor with music selections for use in worship and demonstrate experience in a variety of musical styles and genres including traditional, contemporary, African American, and other ethnic cultures. Applicants should demonstrate an ability to direct a choir and be flexible and collaborative, working well with others, both staff and laity. It is preferred but not required that applicants demonstrate competency on the pipe organ or piano. Proficiency with additional instruments is welcomed.

Job Description:

  • Collaborate with the Pastor in the spiritual formation of the church as a worshipping community.
  • Embrace working with an all-volunteer choir, children, people with emerging musical talent and those who wish to contribute musically, with encouragement, leadership and good direction.
  • Cultivate a diversity of music styles within the services that represents the fullness of the church community.
  • Be present at church for rehearsals, staff meetings and worship services but other hours may be worked based on monthly and seasonal fluctuations. (Weekly hours may range from 10-16 hours.)
  • Participate in 46 Sunday morning worship services, and other special worship services (included Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Christmas Eve). The church may request additional musical direction for mid-week services, funerals, weddings and other events which may be negotiated for additional compensation from either the church or individuals using the facilities. Services for worship are one hour long, beginning at 10 AM. • Play or arrange for others to play any music and/or accompaniment needed for prelude, postlude, hymns, offertory, choral selections and other responses during the service.
  • Be a part of the church community. Be available following worship services to attend Fellowship time with the congregation, which consists of coffee and refreshments, conversation and socializing. This time provides an opportunity to build relationships with the congregation and encourage participation in music ministry.
  • Will lead regular choir rehearsals once a choir is established. The director sets in place a rehearsal schedule that works best for those involved. (In the past these have been held for an hour prior to worship on Sunday mornings and a once-a-month rehearsal time on Saturday mornings.)
  • Attend a weekly Worship Planning Meeting with the Pastor, Staff and lay leaders for the purpose of assisting the Pastor in planning the Order of Worship. Work collaboratively on the selection of hymns, songs and additional music in services.
  • Will build relationships with First Church community partners and seek musical collaborations.
  • Devote sufficient time to selection of music and practice on instruments as is needed. Must also devote sufficient time to correspondence arriving at meetings, rehearsal, and worship prepared.
  • Manage the care, scheduled maintenance and tuning of the church’s instruments with the assistance of the Worship Planning Team.
  • Be responsible for coordinating substitute choir leaders and musicians when ill or on vacation.

Compensation: $25,000 – $35,000, depending on experience and skills
Send Inquiries to: Diana Pagel at
Deadline: Until the position is filled