Deacons Welcome Judy Rowan as New Moderator, Thank Julia Marquez for Service

Nov 8, 2021

First Church Deacons met on Zoom, Tuesday, August 10, at 7 pm. The eight deacons, elected by the congregation, are responsible for administering compassionate care to the First Church community. The deacons meet with Pastor Matt, but they are moderated in their discussion by Judy Rowan, whom they selected for the role on Tuesday.

Judy is no stranger to service in the church. She has served as both a deacon and an elder and has been a part of the Personnel Committee and Buildings & Grounds. She is a Godly Play Door Person, where she participates with her grandchildren, Thayer & Leona, in telling Bible stories in thoughtful, inviting ways. The last time Judy served as a deacon, she was very involved in Home Communion, sometimes visiting five home-bound members in one Sunday.

Julia Marquez finished her service as Moderator in July. Julia faithfully administered the Deacons’ meetings during the church’s recent interim period. Under Julia’s leadership, the Deacons took on some impressive tasks, delivering poinsettias and Christmas greetings in December to every household in the church’s directory, and repeating the task again right before Holy Week with lilies and worship accoutrement for the congregation worshipping at home. Julia will share her experience with the Deacons in next week’s issue.

At their Tuesday meeting, the Deacons reviewed a benevolence fund with approximately $6k. They are considering parameters for how it may be distributed. They also discussed the logistics of setting up for the Lord’s Supper since the Session, under Pastor Matt’s leadership, has increased the frequency of the sacrament to twice monthly.