Can First Church Help Bridge the Health Care Divide? Pop-Up Clinics Proposed For Broadway Lawn

Nov 8, 2021

Can First Church Help Bridge the Health Care Divide? Pop-Up Clinics Proposed For Broadway Lawn

The Vituity Care Foundation, established by physicians with Vituity Health Care, is committed to bridging the health care divide in the US. The Foundation is interested in partnering with First Church to provide “pop-up clinics” on the church’s front lawn, intended to serve those who do not have access to a doctor’s office.

“Those who need healthcare services the most are often those who cannot afford it,” said Lillian Bevis, a representative of the Foundation. “That is why we began offering pop-up clinics. These clinics provide free medical services, vaccination, prescription refills and other care assistance to a primarily homeless clientele.”

The model for these pop-up clinics began in Los Angeles’s Skid Row (pictured). Each clinic consists of five physicians, and 15-20 medical volunteers, in addition to community volunteers who assist with forms, set-up and other needs. On a busy day in Los Angeles, a pop-clinic has served up to 350 patients in just three hours.

“The First Church location is pretty ideal. It is very accessible, on a major thoroughfare and not far from several un-housed communities,” said Lillian. “Among the services we will offer are COVID vaccinations and flu shots, both of which are needed right now.”

The Foundation has inquired with First Church about providing pop-clinics just one day each month, September – December. If approved, the foundation also requests the presence of some volunteers from the Church to assist with both site logistics and patient care. Pop-up clinics may be scheduled to coincide with Food Ministry service dates. This special use of the church’s front lawn will be considered by both the Food Ministry Team and Buildings & Grounds Committee, before being recommended to Session.